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Le Petit Sports was born 14 years ago in North America and is famous for developing a story based sports method which is used in programs running in more than 20 countries and used by large organizations such as Club Med or national associations such as Tennis Canada, Qatar tennis federations and more.
LPS has developed an easy to use all in one system for educators and parents providing easy access to age adapted video drills through an internet app which can be viewed on mobile phone or tablets.
LPS has also developed its own line of proprietary age adapted equipment which allows sports to adapt to children and not the other way around. LPS currently actively seeks partners to start distribution in new countries around the world.

    An easy to use video lessons app
  • The video drills app allows educators and parents to easily follow the progressive lesson path right on their mobile phones or tablets.The more children will play and repeat the games, the faster will be the improvement.
    An Online Training with Certification Diploma
  • The educator and parents training provides a certification along with information, videos, stories, tips and guidelines using the exercises and stories taught by the coach in Le Petit Sports programs.
    Decorated Playing Zones
  • LPS built a system which allows sports lessons to be given in small rooms with decorated Play Zones.
    Affiliation Network
  • Being affiliated to the LPS Day Care network allows you to provide a quality recognized early childhood sports program validated by international organizations to the parents of your school/daycare/organization. Lean more about our auto financing suggested system which can make the launch of your program virtually free.